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Does Walmart have good health insurance? Walmart has a long history of providing comprehensive health care and benefits to our associates, and we're proud of the quality plans we offer, which are among the best in the retail industry.
Are generic drugs identical to brand name? FDA requires drug companies to demonstrate that the generic medicine can be effectively substituted and provide the same clinical benefit as the brand - name medicine that it copies. The active ingredient in the generic medicine is the same as in the brand - name drug /innovator drug.
What is the difference between a certificate holder and an additional insured? There are two types: a certificate holder and an additional insured. Bottom line: Certificate Holder is simply proof of insurance, where as Additional Insured status gives the main contractor coverage and rights under their sub-contractor's or vendor's, the "Name Insured " policy.
Can garlic remove plaque from arteries? Summary: The supplement aged garlic extract can lower the risk of heart disease by reducing the accumulation of certain types of plaque in the arteries, a new study finds.
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